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By Catherine Boivin on October 5 / 2017

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“When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, I needed Cancer Coaching. But I just couldn’t go.”

Guests at the K2Care Campaign Launch listened intently as Mark Cooke told his story, explaining that a single doctor’s appointment in Ottawa could take an entire day to get through from their home out in Richmond. It was too difficult to balance Cancer Coaching sessions with his wife’s health, and the responsibility of running the family’s construction business.

Cooke“It really, really could have helped us figure everything out,” he said. “But with Patricia being here now as a Cancer Coach, I think more people will actually be able to get the support they need.”

Mark’s family is one of nearly 3,000 in Ottawa’s West End Communities who are currently facing cancer. The K2Care Campaign, launched officially on September 27th, was created to bring Cancer Coaching closer to home for families like the Cookes.

Cancer Coach Patricia Barrett-Robillard has been seeing clients at Beyond Yoga Studio & Wellness Centre in Kanata every Friday since April, and says that having Coaching available closer to West End communities is already making a remarkable difference in her clients’ cancer journeys.

“It really shows how much this is needed, when I’m already seeing so many positive changes in the people I meet with,” she said at the event. “With 1,500 more people expected to be diagnosed this year in the West End, we’re going to need a lot more than just Fridays.”

The Cancer Foundation has only enough resources to continue Coaching in the West End until April of 2018. But with your help, the K2Care Campaign aims to raise $1 milllion to ensure Cancer Coaching will always be available to those who need it, where they need it.

By giving today, you will be giving those facing cancer in Ottawa’s West End the gift of support, understanding, and time – more time spent with their loved ones instead of driving to appointments, and less time worrying about how they’re going to make it to their sessions. Your gift will truly change their lives.

Yes, I want to help!

photo credit: Jordan Michael

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