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By Paula Muldoon on September 22 / 2015

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Cancer Coaching gave Jen support anD information when she needed it. Now Jen is giving back.

Jen Mielke wasn’t worried the day she went for a mammogram and ultrasound. Even her doctor didn’t think the lump Jen had discovered in her breast was anything serious. But the radiologist knew immediately something was wrong. “I was still lying on the exam table, when he told me they were referring me to a surgeon and a MRI since the lump was abnormal,” Jen recalls.

Jen was diagnosed with breast cancer and a treatment plan including a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and another targeted treatment was laid out for her. “Those first two weeks were incredibly tough,” Jen admits. “I couldn’t be alone. But the hardest part was watching my friends and family cope with the news. Some took it harder than I did.”

Like many people going through cancer, Jen had questions and goals. She wanted to stay active and as healthy as possible during her treatment. And she wanted to build a support network beyond her circle of loved ones. Jen did some research and discovered Cancer Coaching at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s Maplesoft Centre. “My coach and I worked together to identify what was important to me. She told me about resources at the Centre like the exercise room and nutrition program. The support I found was invaluable to me,” she says.

Since then, Jen has met and talked to many people living with cancer or caring for someone with the disease. “I have one friend who lost her mother to pancreatic cancer and another friend who was afraid to tell her children she had cancer. Both could have benefitted from Cancer Coaching,” she says.

Then there’s the man Jen met while she was having chemotherapy. “It was his first treatment and he was so nervous. He was there all alone and it was his birthday. I thought about how much Cancer Coaching could help him,” she says.

Jen completed her treatment in February and started thinking about ways she could help raise awareness for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and Cancer Coaching. And then her friend, Jennifer, approached her about doing a film festival to raise funds for the Cancer Foundation. Lights! Camera! CURE!, taking place on October 22nd, will give guests the opportunity to see some of Canada’s finest talent on screen while also making a difference in the lives of many people in the Ottawa region who have been impacted by cancer.

“The event supports female filmmakers and a cause that benefits people locally,” Jen explains. “It’s a way for me to give back for all the wonderful support I received at the Cancer Foundation.”


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