Living in the Moment: Chris’ Story

By Cancer Foundation on December 17 / 2018


Photo: Chris with his two of his three sons.

“I was shocked,” Chris says of the day he found out he had glioblastoma, a deadly form of brain cancer. “I thought I had done everything right, like eating well and staying active. I thought that cancer just wouldn’t happen to me.”

At only 44 years old, Chris lead a busy and happy life as an Aerospace Engineer, husband, and father of three. But in January of 2017, cancer changed everything – in addition to the many medical appointments and the stress, Chris’s energy levels declined, preventing him from working and doing the things he loved with his family.

“It was hard to know how I was going to feel day to day,” Chris says. “My biggest challenge has been staying positive, motivated, and engaged as opposed to sitting back and reacting.”

But thankfully, a simple internet search lead him to the Cancer Foundation, where he was able to discover Cancer Coaching. “I was so worried about not being there for my wife and kids that I reached out to everyone I could for support. I wanted to do everything I could to battle this disease and to maximize my productivity.”

And that’s exactly what Chris did, with the help of his Cancer Coach. “Coaching helped me stay positive and engaged in my own healthcare,” he says. “It has also helped connect my family and myself with other supports and resources throughout the community.”

“In my vulnerable state, it really helps to get support quickly and efficiently and it minimizes my need to rely on others for things like transportation.” – Chris

Even though his cancer returned in January 2018, Chris says Coaching has continued to guide him through the difficult days. His children took part in the CLIMB® program offered at the Cancer Foundation as well, to help them understand and cope with the way cancer has impacted their family. “Coaching has given me the reassurance that there will always be someone there to reach out to in difficult times without worrying my wife or family,” he adds.

And now, Chris’s focus is on living in the moment, being there for his wife and kids, and helping others. “Cancer Coaching has greatly helped me and my family reduce our anxiety, stay positive and let us enjoy this last year and a half that cancer has been part of our lives,” he says. “It has been a gift of great times together and great memories.”

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