Love Baking?

By Catherine Boivin on October 28 / 2016

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Volunteer Bakers Bob, Amy, Rosemary, Paul, and Leo.

Love baking? Why not consider becoming one of our beloved volunteer Holiday Bakers!

It’s simple: you bake cookies in late November, drop them off at the Foundation, and in turn we offer them through December as a gesture of thanks to some remarkable donors.

It’s a delicious and meaningful way to give, helping to ensure local families touched by cancer get every chance to live well and spend more time together.

As a volunteer Holiday Baker, you’ll join the ranks of some very special people. Paul, Bob, Amy, Rosemary, and Leo have been Holiday Bakers for years. They’re all members of a survivor support group that meets here at the Maplesoft Center.

Last March, one of their longtime members, Sue Reinhart, passed away. “She is always in my heart,” says Paul, “and we will never forget her. Her presence was and is magical.”

This year, these remarkable Holiday Bakers will be baking in honour of Sue and other loved ones lost to cancer.

If you’d like to become a volunteer Holiday Baker, you can reach out to Catherine at

[pictured: Bob, Sue, and Paul last December]

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