Multi-Faith & Meditation Suite

The Multi-Faith and Meditation Suite is space in the Healing Corner of the Cancer Foundation’s Maplesoft-Jones Centre. It is available to all Cancer Foundation clients from any religion or spirituality and for those looking to find peace. It provides a relaxing environment for prayer, meditation, and quiet reflection.

You can book the Suite in advance:
  • To ensure your privacy,
  • To meet with a small group of other clients or with your personal family/friends,
  • To provide a space to meet with a spiritual or religious leader from your community.
Some key features of the Suite include:
  • There is a shoe rack and hooks in the room. Before using the room, please remove any footwear that has been worn outdoors.
  • There are washing tubs in both the men’s and women’s washrooms on the lower level; they can be found in the accessible shower stall.
  • The cupboard has a variety of texts, and spiritual or religious supplies that are there for you to use. Please note that these items cannot leave the Suite.
  • There are a number of battery-operated candles in the cupboards that can be used.
  • There are meditation cushions, bolsters, and yoga mats in the room.

For clients wishing to do a smudging or pipe ceremony, or who wish to light a qulliq, please connect with us so that we can make the appropriate arrangements with you.

To book the Multi-Faith & Meditation Suite, please call 613-247-3527.