Raising $20 million for the the Cancer Champions Campaign (ARTICLE)

January 14 / 2016

CTV News Ottawa

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is raising $20 million for local cancer care including cancer research, cancer clinical trials and cancer coaching. To achieve this goal the foundation relies on community support.

To help them reach that figure two members of the community have started separate initiatives to raise money for cancer.

Pierre Plante was inspired to start ‘Tri for Mom’ after losing his mother, Anita, to lung cancer in 2012.

“If it wasn’t for the hospital, the numerous oncologists, the number of people who helped us throughout that 12 year period, I guarantee my mother would have had a much more difficult time,” said Plante.

Over the next two years Plante plans to complete two fundraising events. The first is a half triathlon in 2016, followed by a full triathlon in 2017. His goal is to raise $50,000 each year by securing 50 companies who will back his mission and donate $1000.

Plante is not alone in his journey to raise money for local cancer care.

15-year-old Brianna Sanko, a grade 10 student, was faced with creating a school project that would not only develop her academic skills but also grow her character. She chose to start ‘Brianna’s Challange’, a year-long fundraising campaign, with the hopes of raising$10,000 for the Cancer Foundation.

Sanko will be hosting fundraising events, selling bracelets and cutting her hair for cancer.

“It’s a statement, when I cut my hair I want other people to be like ‘oh wow’,” Sanko said. “I’m not going to miss it, it’s just hair and I know it’s going to help some little girl with cancer that needs it more than I need it.”


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