Danbe Foundation Donates $2 Million (Article)

October 6 / 2014

A transformational day for local cancer care in Eastern Ontario as the Danbe Foundation announces a $2 Million gift to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation in support of their innovative Cancer Coaching Health and Social Care Service.

The Cancer Foundation’s Cancer Coaching model, offering complimentary personal cancer care, is the first of its kind in the country. The Cancer Coach is quickly becoming an important member of the healthcare team for many local residents. The Cancer Foundation’s Cancer Coaching team is made up of accredited health professionals (nurses, social workers, kinesiologists, nutritionists and physiotherapists) and wellness practitioners with a background in oncology.

Cancer Coaches take the time to provide valuable information, navigation, support and practical guidance to the patient through every stage of cancer from diagnosis to treatment to post-treatment and palliative care. When a patient or a loved one comes in to see a Cancer Coach, the goal is to have that individual walk away with a plan that’s right for them. They have had a chance to talk about what their goals are and get actively involved in managing their own cancer. They develop a greater sense of control over their overall health and wellbeing. They have tools and strategies that they can put into place to help them overcome any barriers. It’s all about customizing a plan for each person to help them deal with the short and long term impacts of cancer.

Today’s $2 million donation made by Barbara Crook and Dan Greenberg will help expand Cancer Coaching over the next ten years so that more patients and families can receive help when they face what is often the most difficult battle in their life.

“We have personally referred people that we care about to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation for help through Cancer Coaching. We are so impressed with how the Cancer Foundation has developed this model, focusing on the person and what they need – that we wanted to show how appreciative we are to have Cancer Coaching here in Ottawa,” Barbara Explains. “ Today, this gift shows just how much we believe in Cancer Coaching, and how it can help local families that are facing cancer. Both of us have lost friends and family, including a parent, to cancer so it’s very personal.”

Linda Eagen, President and CEO of the Cancer Foundation said: “We are incredibly thankful to the Danbe Foundation, and Barbara Crook and Dan Greenberg, for the generosity of this gift – and for recognizing the power of Cancer Coaching.”

Photo credit: Lindsey Gibeau, Valberg Imaging

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