Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation Announces Renaming of the Maplesoft Centre at 1500 Alta Vista Drive

September 26 / 2019

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation today announces a new name for their Cancer Survivorship Centre located at 1500 Alta Vista Drive. Thanks to a generous, private donation from our longstanding partners at GumDocs, the building will now be called the Maplesoft-GumDocs Centre for Cancer Survivorship.

The new name recognizes two organizations – Maplesoft Group and GumDocs – and their commitment to improving cancer care in our community. It celebrates the significant contributions that both organizations have made to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and is a lasting reminder of the impact their support has had on local families who are facing cancer.

“We are affected by cancer as a community, and we are fighting it as a community,” says Linda Eagen, President and CEO of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. “As cancer incidences continue to rise, more and more people need access to cancer care. Thanks to the support of both Maplesoft Group and GumDocs, the Cancer Foundation is able to offer the best care possible to those affected by cancer in our region through Cancer Coaching, and through support of local research and clinical trials.”

The services available at the Maplesoft-GumDocs Centre for Cancer Survivorship will remain unchanged. The Cancer Foundation’s team of Cancer Coaches will continue to deliver the same level of cancer care, support, education, practical guidance and navigation assistance to help their clients meet their health and wellness goals. The building will also continue to house the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s fundraising operations.

“Maplesoft’s donation in 2010 was at a time when we were literally breaking ground to build Canada’s first cancer survivorship centre,” says Jody Campeau, President and CEO of Maplesoft Group. “We are breaking ground again today, though more figuratively, by welcoming more leaders in the community to step forward to create a better future for those facing cancer in our community. We are thrilled to share the name of this incredible facility with GumDocs to secure a brighter future for local families.”

“Since opening its doors in 2011, the Maplesoft-GumDocs Centre for Cancer Survivorship has become a hub for cancer care in the Ottawa region and beyond,” says Cory Ready, Chair of the Cancer Foundation’s Board of Directors. “We are excited to continue to build on the incredible advancements that have been made in the field of cancer care and research and for the new opportunities that this partnership will allow us to explore.”


For more information, please contact:
Erin Nazarali, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation | office: 613-247-1920 ext. 228 | cell: 613-286-6280

About the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation
The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is the voice for cancer survivorship in Eastern Ontario. The Cancer Foundation is a leader in our community in providing local residents with increased access to person-centred care through the delivery of the Cancer Coaching, innovative cancer research and a world-class clinical trials program. For more information please visit

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