20 Faces of Change Awards winners (Article)

March 9 / 2015

The Change Foundation is delighted to announce the winners of their 20 Faces of Change Awards, an award created to honour those who have inspired positive changes in Ontario’s health care system. Recipients were recognized at The Change Foundation’s Capstone Summit and 20th Anniversary Celebration at the Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel in Toronto.

“The individuals and teams we honoured at our 20 Faces of Change Awards have made outstanding contributions to patient and family-centred care in the province’s health care system,” said Cathy Fooks, CEO of The Change Foundation. “Their hard work, innovation and influence have had a true and meaningful impact on health care services and delivery for all Ontarians.”

Launched last November, the 20 Faces of Change Awards campaign sought nominations of patients, caregivers, health care leaders and practitioners, family members, community members, volunteers, and staff that have contributed to improvements in patient- and family-focused care. The 20 recipients were chosen by a specially appointed Selection Committee of ten health care leaders who understand the importance and impact of patient engagement, and who could provide a third-party and neutral review of all the applications.

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