Your Living Well Newsletters

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s Living Well Newsletter has for years connected donors and supporters across the Ottawa community to the people whose lives they are helping to change. Twice a year, Living Well shares the stories of families who have benefitted from the help of a Cancer Coach, fundraisers who have achieved incredible feats in support of local families who are facing cancer, and patients who have experienced incredible results from local clinical trials…and it’s all thanks to support from donors in this amazing community. Donors like you!


Spring Newsletter: Virtual group Cancer Coaching, New research tool: flow cytometer cell sorter at OHRI, and other updates around your impact on local cancer care in English or French.


Spring Newsletter: Cancer Coaching through the COVID-19 pandemic, Fluorescence-Guided brain surgery, and the virtual Cardel Homes Lemonade Standemonium. Read in English or French.

Fall Newsletter: Cancer Coaching for parents, grandparents, and even children, immunotherapy, and 25 years of impact in Ottawa. Read in English or French.


Spring Newsletter: How Coaching helps the whole family, virtual Cancer Coaching, and immunotherapy treatments for colorectal cancer. Read in English or French.

Fall Newsletter: Clinical trials for prostate cancer, simplifying pathology reports for patients, and special exercise programs for those facing cancer. Read in English or French.


Spring Newsletter: Clinical trials for ovarian cancer, Cancer Coaching in the West and East Ends, combined immunotherapies, and a caregiver’s story. Read in English or French.

Fall Newsletter: A clinical trial for colorectal cancer, exploring Infected Cell Vaccine (ICV) therapy in Ottawa, and how Cancer Coaching helps patients have hope. Read in English or French.


Spring Newsletter: Cancer Coaching expands across Eastern Ontario, hope for ovarian cancer treatments, the Coping with Cancer workshop, and personal cancer stories. Read in English or French.

Fall Newsletter: Advances in mammography technology, an amazing community fundraiser, a successful clinical trial for melanoma, and a healthy granola recipe. Read in English or French.


Spring Newsletter: The Work and Cancer Survivorship program, community impact, and a message from Dr. Hartley Stern. Read in English or French.

Fall Newsletter: Volunteer outreach, the legacy of Mr. Drew Lyall, and information about the Maraba Trial. Read in English or French.


Spring Newsletter: Oncolytic Virus Therapy, healthy recipes, and messages of hope. Read in English or French.

Fall Newsletter: Advances for metastatic breast cancer and Cancer Coaching stories. Read in English or French.