Virtual Cancer Coaching…There’s an App for That!

By Cancer Foundation on May 23 / 2018


Thanks to an exciting new partnership, local patients will now be able to communicate with their Cancer Coach and manage their health more easily than ever before!

In mid-May, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation was finally able to announce the launch of the NexJ Connected Wellness digital health tool as an addition to our comprehensive Cancer Coaching program. And, the move has been in the works for months! “Later this year we will be announcing a major development in the way we provide Cancer Coaching, which will help us continue breaking down barriers and making sure everybody who wishes to meet with a Cancer Coach is able to,” Linda Eagen, President and CEO of the Cancer Foundation wrote earlier this year in a special letter to donors.

NexJ Connected Wellness is a cloud-based, patient-centered digital platform developed in Canada and founded by University of Waterloo Alumnus William Tatham. It provides easy-to-use, evidence-based tools that enable patients to securely capture personal health information, track daily activities such as exercise and food intake, monitor how they feel, and connect virtually with health care providers and caregivers.

“This is a real game changer for us,” Linda explains. “The NexJ app will make Coaching accessible virtually and allow us to reach more people. For some, travel and geography have been barriers, while others have struggled to come when they are not feeling well. With NexJ, we can support these people when they need us most.”

All of the Cancer Foundation’s clients will now be able to download the NexJ app onto their phone, iPad or computer for free. It will allow them to access an action plan guiding them through their cancer journey and to work with their cancer coach remotely for ongoing support. They will also be able to consolidate their health information and share it with their support network of family, friends and health care professionals, schedule their own Coaching appointments, and securely message their Coach as needed. It’s a great way for local families to get the care they need wherever and whenever they need it!

The Cancer Foundation created Cancer Coaching to help fill the care gap and change the cancer experience for survivors and their families in eastern Ontario. Coaching is proven to help cancer patients and survivors become active participants in their care and enjoy a more positive healthcare experience. The Cancer Foundation joins other influential health care organizations leveraging the NexJ tool to improve health care services, and to have a meaningful and effective impact on the lives of patients.

“This is a real tipping point in terms of our growth,” adds Eagen. “Thanks to NexJ, our existing team of coaches now have a broader reach. With this tool, we have the potential to serve anyone in the region — the only thing in our way is more money to train more coaches. It is a goose bump moment.”

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