No Fundraising Experience, No Problem!

By Cancer Foundation on February 6 / 2020


Lorraine Prezeau works with fundraisers every day. But that doesn’t mean learning to raise money for charity was automatically an easy thing for her to do!

“When I signed up for Crush It for Cancer last year, it was the first time I’d ever done anything like it,” Lorraine says. She’s a staff member here at the Cancer Foundation and the captain of Crush It’s Dream Team, who received the Top Friends and Family award at last year’s event. Lorraine and her friends raised nearly $9000 for local cancer care in 2019, and now she wants other teams to know that their goals are probably much easier to reach than they think!

Each Crush It for Cancer participant’s goal is to raise at least $800 for local cancer care before the event takes place on March 28th. However, teams can work together to raise funds as long as they reach at least $800 per team member. They are free to raise the money in whatever way works best for them, whether it’s through social events, contests, raffles, or personal asks.

“Some of the people on my team are really comfortable asking their networks for donations, and others are not,” she says. “That’s why we try to work together to come up with creative ways to raise the money.”

And in their case, that could be anything from betting on baby birthdates to hosting ticketed dinner parties! They’re also busy looking into partnerships with local business owners, and have started a mini canteen in the office kitchen where their colleagues can trade loose change for snacks.

“I really love being so close to my team, and being able to collaborate so easily,” Lorraine says. “And I know I can always reach out to the Crush It organizers if I’m really stuck or in need of ideas, so it takes some of the pressure off.”

If you are thinking of entering a team in Crush It for Cancer, Presented by Beyond Yoga, but aren’t sure how you’ll raise the funds, Lorraine’s biggest piece of advice is to be creative, trust the process, and remember that it’s all a chance to grow.

“The event is so worth it. Last time, I just felt amazing at the end of the day. I was so inspired,” she says. “I’m not the fittest person in the world, but I didn’t feel out of place at all. I felt included and energized.”

And to her, what makes the event so incredible is knowing that she’s helped contribute to a great cause.

“Cancer has impacted my own life in so many ways, and by working with the Cancer Foundation, I get to see how much hope there is to make things better.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Crush It for Cancer and how you can raise funds, click the button below!

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