Peter Charbonneau: Proud Cancer Champion

By Cancer Foundation on March 31 / 2021

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One can do many things to become a Cancer Champion, but it is rare for someone to do almost all of them.

Yet Peter Charbonneau is exactly that “someone”!

As a cancer survivor himself, Peter has been instrumental in advocating and raising funds for local cancer care over the years, and is a generous donor to The Ottawa Cancer Foundation. Peter’s legacy of community change has involved his leadership and vision for many local campaigns and events, including the Up Close & Unplugged event in partnership with the National Arts Centre (NAC), the Cancer Champions Breakfast, and the Cancer Foundation’s Courage Campaign.

It all began when Peter received a terminal cancer diagnosis many years ago, and he told his oncologist, Dr. Hartley Stern: “You keep me alive, and I’ll keep fundraising.” 15 years later Peter is still here and still fundraising, and even quips: “I got the better part of that deal!”

Under Peter’s leadership, the popular Up Close & Unplugged event in support of the Cancer Foundation and the NAC raised more than $2 million in its 15 years. Peter also helped raise critical funds for cancer research and improved care as the co-chair of the Cancer Foundation’s $50 million Courage Campaign. At the Cancer Foundation’s first ever Cancer Champions Breakfast over 10 years ago, Peter not only chaired the fundraiser and recruited many community leaders to attend, he also inspired the room to support clinical trials in Ottawa by sharing his own cancer story.

Today, Peter is still active on the Leadership Council of the Cancer Champions Breakfast, which has raised over $4 million.

In the fall of 2020, Peter received the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser Award for the work he has done in the Ottawa community. We could not have been happier to help recognize his many years of service.

Peter is a great leader, a true friend, and an inspiration to all.

Thank you Peter for your truly transformative work as a Cancer Champion!

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