There’s Still Time to Take Part in Pizza with a Purpose!

By Cancer Foundation on March 2 / 2021


One month into Pizza with a Purpose, our two dueling pizzas are going strong…but there’s a lot more to this friendly pizza face-off than first meets the eye.

“It’s a really tough time right now for the hospitality industry, and it can be very easy to get absorbed in our own problems. So the fact that Fiazza has kept focus on community involvement and has been actively looking to make such a positive change is reason enough to be part of this,” says Chef Andrew Mennie, who has been with Lexington Smokehouse since they opened their doors in 2018. “Also, the pizzas are delicious!”

The friendly Pizza with a Purpose competition features two creative new additions to the Fiazza Fresh Fired menu, with one new pizza designed by Chef Mennie and another by Chef Jesse Skeen of Luxe Bistro.

The Lexington Pizza takes its own unique direction, with a Southern Style pizza: The sauce is Extra Virgin Olive oil and roasted garlic, topped with a mozzarella and cheddar blend, roasted pulled pork shoulder, red onion, pickled peppers, baby kale, and a Sriracha honey drizzle.

The Luxe Pizza is based on the bistro’s own Luxe Beef Brisket Burger, featuring Fiazza fresh red sauce, smoked beef brisket, mozzarella, bacon, roasted onions, pickles, cheddar cheese, and a truffle aioli drizzle. (Pickles on a pizza? We’ll let you be the judge!)

“When we were approached by Fiazza, we adapted some of our house classics to suit their kitchen and chose pulled pork as the base to showcase our style,” says Chef Mennie. “Luxe beat us to using brisket!”

With 1 in 2 people receiving a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, many of the brilliant minds behind Pizza with a Purpose also have a personal connection to the cause. The Cancer Foundation is grateful to be able to work with local partners like Fiazza Fresh Fired, Lexington Smokehouse, and Luxe Bistro to raise funds for cancer care in such a creative way.

Pizza with a Purpose will run until Sunday, March 21, with a portion of proceeds from the two pizzas being donated to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. Let’s see which unique pizza can raise the most funds!

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