NEW Workshop for Caregivers: Positive Thinking Through Self Hypnosis

By Stephanie Woodard on January 27 / 2016

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The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation offers a number of Coaching Workshops to provide Cancer Survivors and Caregivers with the opportunity to work with a Wellness Coach, our experts who specialize in a key area relating to stress and symptom management.

Since the fall of 2012, Positive Thinking Through Self Hypnosis has been very well received as a program for our Cancer Survivor clients. We wanted to provide a similar opportunity for our caregiving clients, so this program has been re-designed specifically for Caregivers to help them feel more peaceful and empowered.

Participants will explore their emotional needs and ways to strengthen and take care of themselves. The program aims to assist participants in the following areas: needs of Caregivers, navigating changing relationship roles, clearing emotional blocks, focusing on joy and focusing on the now. All sessions include mindfulness, self-hypnosis and meditation practice. Participants receive handouts and resources to continue in their journey towards wellness, balance, and inner peace.

For more information about this program, please speak to your Cancer Coach, check us out at or contact Joelle Perrier at or 613-247-3527



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