Yummy Mummy Apples

The ultimate healthy, easy and fun Halloween treat! No baking, and only two dots of added sugar for each apple. Although it is worth noting that the mummy shapes are a little tricky to make and I would not label it kid-safe. I made mine with a potato peeler but as it makes straight lines, I had to work at it a little.

mummy apples

Tip: If you want the mummies flesh to stay white, I suggest adding some lemon juice to the flesh so they don’t oxidize quickly.

Yummy Mummy Apples

If you’d like to serve the apples with a dip, I used a plain Greek yogurt and some ground cinnamon, you could also add some natural peanut butter or use the peanut butter as a dip on it’s own.

Yummy Mummy Apples Recipe

Serves: 4


2 apples

8 mini dark chocolate chips

2 tsp honey (optional)

Lemon juice (optional)


  1. Cut your apples in half and use a peeler or knife (be careful!) to design the mummy shapes on the apples. Option to add some lemon juice to the apples keep the flesh from turning brown.
  2. Place 2 mini chocolate chips on each apple half for the eyes. Option to use a drop of honey to make them stick.


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