Remembering Max Keeping, Cancer Champion

By Linda Eagen on October 2 / 2015

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Today, I wish I had your way with words, dear friend. You were their master and at your command they reached out and grabbed our hearts.  And through them you made us all better people. You made us think and care about our neighbours.

I wish I had your way with words because I think everyone should more than just know how many great things you did, they should feel it in their hearts.  It should be a quiet kind of energy that makes them somehow feel like they too should want to make others’ lives better.

You did Max, you made our lives better.

And, everyone in this community who has, or will ever be faced with cancer owes you a special debt of gratitude. You shared your cancer journey with all of us.  You made it ok to talk about cancer. You started-up amazing fundraising events – made us walk and run on Fathers’ day and made us Dance in the Streets.  We had fun and we raised money that helped us improve cancer care in incredible ways.

You lived life to the Max. You gave it your all.  All I can think about now is “Keeping” it going!

Let’s not stop what Max started.

If you have any photos of Max that you’d like to share with us, please send them to or share them with us on Facebook or twitter.

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