By Cancer Foundation on July 6 / 2016

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Continuing its legacy as a top supporter of community well-being across the country, TELUS has made a very generous donation to help support children whose families are facing cancer in the Ottawa region. TELUS has partnered with the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation to support the CLIMB program.

CLIMB (Children’s Lives Include Moments of Bravery) is designed to support children and youth whose loved ones are affected by cancer. Through art therapy and conversation with their peers, CLIMB participants learn to express their thoughts and fears about their loved one’s diagnosis.

A parent or loved one’s diagnosis can have a profound impact on a child and affect their overall health and well-being. Understanding cancer isn’t always easy for children, and answering their questions may be a daunting process for parents. CLIMB coaches children through these experiences, answering any questions they may have and helping them understand that they are not alone.

The only one of its kind in Canada, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s CLIMB program offers a six week program to help children and youth develop skills that enable them to understand their loved one’s diagnosis and better express themselves. This allows the entire family to better cope with cancer and strengthens the foundation of support for the patient.

TELUS’ dedication to transforming and improving cancer care in the Ottawa region furthers its reputation of creating positive change at the community level. We are proud to have TELUS’ commitment to helping us provide this remarkable program to those who need it most, knowing the program’s powerful impact directly reflects TELUS’ caring, client-focused values.

We are extremely grateful to TELUS for their continued engagement in the health of our community. It is only with the support of generous donors like TELUS that we are able to offer hope for a better tomorrow, today. Our most heartfelt thank you goes out to TELUS. Their dedication to improving care to all those affected by cancer continues to encourage and inspire us!

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