The Right Gym Makes All the Difference

By Cancer Foundation on September 13 / 2019


Cancer Coaches and Fitness Instructors are Teaming Up to Help Cancer Survivors Stay Active

Pain alleviation, fewer treatment side effects, more energy – these are just a few of the benefits regular exercise can bring for someone who is facing cancer. However, many find they can’t follow the same workout regimen they enjoyed before their diagnosis, or they aren’t sure what exercises are best for them now.

But the guesswork is now gone: thanks to donor support for Cancer Coaching and community outreach the Cancer Foundation has partnered with the RA Centre, Ottawa’s largest member supported not-for-profit multi-sport, recreation and leisure facility. Working with Cancer Coaches, the RA Centre and its team of fitness professionals are designing progressive and adaptive fitness programs specifically made for those undergoing cancer treatment.

Brenda Hamm, Senior Manager of LifeFIT Canada, is a cancer survivor herself. Erin Nelson (pictured above), Senior Coordinator of LifeFIT at the RA Centre, lost one of her closest friends to the disease in July. When you talk to them about what they do, you can see that it’s not their job: it’s their calling.

“We are thrilled to be part of improving health-related fitness and quality of life in cancer survivors and believe that exercise programs are an essential component of cancer care,” says Brenda.

“Just as your cancer treatment plan and experience are unique to you, your wellness plan will also be yours alone,” says Erin. “The LifeFIT trainers respect that and can help you develop goals that are tailored to your needs, preferences and fitness level in a supportive, well equipped welcoming environment.”

LifeFIT gym memberships are available at a special rate for Cancer Coaching clients and their support families along with modified fitness programs for cancer survivors. For more information, please visit and follow the links to Wellness & Specialty Fitness Programs / Living With Cancer. You can also contact any of the Cancer Coaches at 613-247-3527 or email

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