Patricia Barrett-Robillard

My background is in community health. I have worked with clients and their families through all stages of cancer, including being with them at end of life, so this helped prepare me for working with Survivors and Caregivers at all stages of the cancer journey. I have a lot of experience working one on one with clients as well as working in groups so this has been helpful in individual coaching and facilitating the Coping with Cancer group. I have training and experience in Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Self Management which helps me work with clients to help them identify their own needs and set goals that are important to them.

What inspired me to come and work for the Cancer Foundation was their commitment to the concept of Survivor empowerment and holistic health care. I truly believe in the Mind, Body and Spirit Connection and the need to address all these areas in order to be healthy. I like being able to discuss meditation, exercise, stress management, and strategies for positive emotional health with clients as a way that they can improve their overall health and cope better with their cancer. I learn things every day in this position that help me improve my health. I continue to be inspired by the survivors who come here. They are often going through very difficult treatments and coping with terrible side effects or stressful situations and so many of them are still very positive. My favorite part of the Coping with Cancer group sessions is sitting back and listening to the survivors being so generous and supportive to each other. They share their experiences and strategies they have used to cope. They learn so much more from each other than we can ever teach them. It is wonderful that we provide the space for that to happen.

“A successful life is balanced; find time for family, friends, faith, exercise, learning, volunteering. Everything in moderation and trust that life is unfolding as it should.”
– Gerry Barrett