Why Give?

A young man with a life expectancy of 16 months after diagnosis joins a clinical trial, and three years later he’s traveling the world. A mother of three is prescribed an innovative pill that causes her most recent scans to show no signs of cancer. A single mom receives unique coaching to help her return to work after cancer treatment, and helps her learn to build a new work-life balance.

These incredible people show exactly how every donation to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation counts. Every dollar provides those affected by cancer in our community with hope, support, understanding, and opportunity. Your generosity helps them continue to live their lives well, regardless of the challenges they face.

Over 8,000 people in our community will be diagnosed with cancer this year. They will need guidance in navigating the many aspects of their cancer journey. They will need resources and options in caring for their mental and physical wellbeing. They will need the support of their community, and of generous donors like you.